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Managing Retirement Income


If you’re already retired or will be retiring shortly, you’ll find this section invaluable. You’ll discover some important options for generating income during your retirement years.

You spent years building your retirement savings. Now that you’re retired, you want to maximize your cash flow to make the most of those hard-earned savings.

An investment specialist at RBC can help you meet that challenge. We can help you maximize the cash flow from your investments while minimizing the use of your capital.

You can begin by looking over the following topics. And if you have any questions, an RBC financial planner can advise you whenever you need help.

Maintaining your lifestyle
Strategies to maximize cash flow
Cash flow portfolios

To really enjoy your retirement you need to have peace of mind about your finances. For that, you need to know that your money and the income it creates will be enough to maintain your independence and support your lifestyle.

Retirement means making your money work harder

The best way to meet this challenge is to make the most of your savings. That means maximizing the cash flow from your investments and at the same time, preserving the value of your capital.

We can help. At RBC, we believe retirement shouldn’t be a time of financial concern. You shouldn’t have to think about every dollar you spend. The information in this section will help ensure that doesn’t happen to you.

If you’d like to get some expert advice on making the most of your retirement income, you can talk to an RBC financial planner. Or you can continue your reading here . . .

Maintaining your lifestyle
Strategies to maximize cash flow
Cash flow portfolios

Please note: If you’re just starting to give serious thought to managing your retirement income, you may find the Retirement Planning section of the RBC Financial Planning Web Site helpful.

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