Invest Early

The longer you’re invested, the longer your returns compound and the faster your money grows. The chart below shows two investors who each invested $96,000 by age 601, with one investor accumulating $213,000 by starting earlier+.

Source: RBC Global Asset Management

Invest Regularly

Investing regularly, such as through an automatic savings plan, can help you stay on track over the long-term. See how your savings can add up2,+:

Invest Regularly
$50 per month $100 per month $250 per month $500 per month
Invested for 5 Years $3,489 $6,977 $17,443 $34,885
Invested for 10 Years $8,194 $16,388 $40,967 $81,940
Invested for 15 Years $14,541 $29,082 $72,705 $145,409
Invested for 20 Years $23,102 $46,204 $115,510 $231,020
Invested for 25 Years $34,650 $69,299 $173,249 $346,497

Invest Enough

How much should start saving today in order to have enough to meet your future goals? The answer is key to your long-term financial success. Working through certain questions, such as those below, with your financial planner can help you determine if you’re investing enough.

  • What is your goal (e.g. retirement lifestyle, cottage)?
  • How much will you need to attain your goal?
  • What savings do you currently have in place to meet your goal?
  • What is the timeframe for achieving your goal?

The 5 Principles of Successful Investing

Investing early, investing regularly and investing enough are just three of the principles of successful investing. Check out the other two time-tested principles.

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