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What Kind of RESP Should I Choose?

Not all Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) are the same! Some allow more control over the investment choices, timing of payments and –where there is more than one child – the allocation of funds. Talk to a financial planner to understand the most effective way to save for a child’s education.

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Trust vs. Self-Directed RESP

See how they compare on key features:

Feature Scholarship or Trust RESP*  RBC Self-Directed RESP 
Control   Why this rating?
Investment Choices   Why this rating?
Flexibility   Why this rating?
Cost   Why this rating?
Access to Funds   Why this rating?
Close What Is It?
Group RESPs (also known as scholarship trust RESPs or pooled RESPs) are accounts where the earnings of all plan participants are pooled together. The plan provider makes all the investment decisions for the members of the plan.
Close What Is It?
Self-directed RESPs are offered by most banks and mutual fund companies. They can be used for individual or multiple beneficiaries.

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