The Kids are Grown. Now What?

With the kids out of the house, your time, energy and finances may have a new focus. A financial planner can help you set fresh goals and balance your new priorities.

Talking Retirement with My Spouse

Retirement means different things to different people—and that could include you and your spouse. Talk to a financial planner about designing a retirement plan that works for both of you.

Find a Financial Planner

Start by Talking About Your Vision of Retirement

Many couples don’t start talking about retirement until it’s right around the corner—often assuming the other spouse is aligned to their thinking. Now is a good time to talk about what you each want out of retirement.

Get started with Our interactive Your Future by Design® tool.

Your Future by Design is a discovery process that you can walk through online and with your RBC Financial Planner. By asking the right questions, we can help you identify what will be most important to you in retirement. For instance, is it family, health and home? What about lifestyle and how you’ll feel fulfilled? Your Future by Design will help guide your thinking before putting a number to paper.

Then, Meet with a Financial Planner—Together

It’s important that you meet with a financial planner as a couple to talk about your shared and individual retirement objectives. An RBC Financial Planner will look at every aspect of your financial picture—your goals and what’s important to you, what you have, what you owe, and where you stand—to design a plan that can be relevant, sustainable and fulfilling for both of you.

Your financial planner can help you with:

See the Impact of Financial Advice

Research shows that Canadians working with advisors have the potential to more than double their net worth.1

Randy and His Wife Explore Early Retirement

“The goal wasn’t to retire. The goal was to change our lifestyle at 50. Around our mid-forties, it occurred to us: Is there more?”

— Randy

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Talking Finances With My Spouse

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Get on the Same Page as Your Spouse

Get on the Same Page as Your Spouse