A financial planner can help you build a bright future for your child—while keeping your other goals in sight.

New Baby, New Financial Priorities

Babies are cute—but let’s face it, they’re expensive too. Your financial planner can help you manage your changing financial picture.

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6 Ways a Financial Planner Can Help

1.Get You Through Cash Crunches

Has your income taken a hit with parental leave? Your financial planner can give you advice on how to manage through tighter times and strategies for catching up after things settle down.

2.Present Smart Borrowing Options

If you need to use credit to cover a reduction of income or the increased costs of parenthood, your financial planner can show you the best ways to borrow.

3.Revisit Your Investment Plan

Whether you want to adjust your contributions or start investing in a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), your financial planner can revise your plan to accommodate your new priorities.

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4.Make the Most of Tax Planning Strategies

Your financial planner can make sure you’re using the right type of accounts for your savings goals, and that you’re making the most of income splitting and other tax-smart planning strategies that can help you minimize the tax you pay.

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5.Keep Your Retirement Plan on Track

When you have a new baby, it can be tempting to sacrifice saving for retirement, but you don’t have to do that. Your financial planner can show you how to balance all of your financial priorities.

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6.Protect Your New Family

Insurance, creating/updating your Will and other estate planning strategies are all options you’ll want to consider.

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Get Your Family Off to a Great Start

As shown below, households that receive financial advice have significantly greater net worth than those who don't.1

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Build a Bright Future for Your Child